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Premiered: September 13, 2023 at 12 pm EST / 9 am PST

DevOps is often characterized as a mindset shift, but that undermines the critical cogs that actually make it work – the people, technology, and processes.

This EdTalks will discuss the current state of DevSecOps, debunk common myths, and offer practical tips on streamlining security adoption. Specific topics include:

  • Our obsession (and missed opportunity) with shifting left
  • Implications of AI and other emerging technology
  • Is cloud security now software security?
  • Measuring risk – moving beyond scans and vulnerability counts

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Meet The Panelists

Shannon Lietz
DevSecOps Foundation

Founder of the DevSecOps Foundation and has had leadership roles with globally recognized brands, including Sony, Intuit, and Adobe.

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Ericka Chickowski
Award-Winning Business & Technology Writer

Editor and Board of Advisors Member for and covering pivotal stories about digital transformation and software development.

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Mark Merkow
Application Security Engineer

Longtime Application Security Manager for organizations like Amex and PayPal, Author of multiple books, including “Practical Security for Agile and DevOps.

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"The Security Principles Panel had impressive panelists and very relevant topics."
David York, Vice President & CISO, Allegion

About Ed TALKS

For two decades, I’ve been fortunate to have crossed paths with respected industry luminaries and practitioners. On a regular basis, I invite them to discuss practical approaches to securing the software ecosystem based on today’s realities: complex tech stacks, evolving threats, motivated attackers, mounting regulations, and unsettling skill gaps.

Come join us. You may laugh, cry, reflect, or learn – just like your relationship with security. Either way, Ed TALKS will be: engaging, realistic, and diverse.

About Ed Adams

Ed is a software quality and security expert with 25+ years of experience. He is a Ponemon Institute Research Fellow, Privacy by Design Ambassador, Forbes Technology Council Member, and recipient of SC Magazine Reboot Leadership Awards.

Ed sits on the board of Cyversity, a non-profit committed to advancing minorities in the field of cyber security, and is a BoSTEM Advisory Committee member. He has moderated panels at RSA Conference, BlackHat, Ponemon RIM, and others – and thoroughly loves it.

Diversity of Ed TALKS Panelists
Historically underrepresented groups including women and BIPOC.
Hail from places including Jamaica, Ukraine, India, Philippines, Serbia, and Portugal.
Engineering, CISOs, Operations, IT, Product Management, GRC, Analysts, and more.

Ed TALKS Has Welcomed Panelists from Top Fortune 500 Companies

Movers & Shakers in DevSecOps
Movers & Shakers in DevSecOps