Secure Development Practices Assessment Certification (SD-PAC)

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90% of Attacks are at the Software Layer

Secure it at the Source: the Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC)

Most commercial software includes 3rd party code and components to deliver maximum functionality; making it only as secure as the entire supply chain. Security Innovation’s SD-PAC program ensures security is being considered throughout the design, coding, and testing of software.

The result? Enhanced customer and end-user confidence, market differentiation, and visible security leadership.

Security Innovation works directly with companies like HP, Inc. and their JetAdvantage Solutions software partners to review their security practices across 7 security domains, noted below. Software developers who pass are issued a certification denoting their SDLC is designed with heightened security awareness and best practices built into the software before release.

  • The Organization
  • Platform Security
  • Security Testing/QA
  • Secure Construction
  • Application & Data
  • Secure Architecture & Design
  • Secure Operations & Maintenance
"Pharos has worked with Security Innovation to achieve certification for our cloud products used in HP JetAdvantage. Throughout the process, they provided practical security advice that ensured security concerns were fully addressed in all aspects of our development lifecycle"
Julian Sharpe, WW Director Product Strategy, Pharos Systems International

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  • HP AC Scan for Mobile
  • HP AC Scan Pro for Mobile
  • HP Access Control
  • HP Access Control Print
  • HP Access Control Scan
  • HP Access Control Scan Pro
  • HP Capture and Route
  • HP Card Reader Config Utility
  • HP Command Center
  • HP Direct Print
  • HP FutureSmart Firmware
  • HP Innovate/Audit
  • HP Insights
  • HP JetAdvantage Insights
  • HP JetAdvantage Security Manager
  • HP JetAdvantage Secure Print
  • HP Mobile Connector
  • HP Output Central
  • HP Output Central for EI
  • HP Output Central for OM
  • HP Output Central for MI
  • HP PPM Local Delivery
  • HP PrinterOn
  • HP Secure Delivery
  • HP Secure Print
  • HP Security Manager
  • HP Workplace
  • HP Workpath


  • Biscom Fax App for HP Workpath (version 2.1.6)
  • Biscom Fax REST API (version
  • Biscom for Healthcare for HP Workpath (version 2.1.6)
  • Biscom Transit API (version 1.2.0010)
  • Biscom Transit for HP Workpath (version 2.1.6)

LRS Output Management

  • LRS MFPsecure/Print
  • LRS MFPsecure/Scan
  • LRS MFPsecure/Scan Pro
  • LRS MFPsecure/Scan for Mobile
  • LRS Mobile Connector for VPSX
  • LRS PageCenterX
  • LRS PPM Local Delivery
  • LRS VPSX Direct Print
  • LRS VPSX Workplace
  • LRS VPSX/Enterprise
  • LRS VPSX Output Manager
  • LRS VPSX Secure Delivery

NDD Logo

  • NDD Print Portal 360
  • NDD Print Host
  • NDD Print Agent
  • NDD Print Releaser
  • NDD Print Client HP
  • NDD Print 360 Mobile iOS
  • NDD Print 360 Android


  • Pharos Blueprint Enterprise
  • Pharos Print Insights
  • Pharos Systems Beacon Sentry Print

Upland Software

  • Upland Software AccuRoute
  • Upland Software FileBound
  • Upland Software Intelligence Capture
  • Upland Software InterFax


  • PaperCut MF
  • PaperCut NG
N5 Software Ltda (NDD)
"SD-PAC helps extend our security leadership and raise the bar for all of our software partners with proof of secure software development by certifying that our ISV’s practices lead to security built-in not bolted on"
Steve Inch, Security Category Manager, HP Office Printing Systems Worldwide