While Security Innovation’s expertise isn’t limited to any specific platform or technology, we do have deep experience and specialization in automotive and embedded security.

NTRU Crypto – up to 200x faster than RSA

Security Innovation’s NTRU Crypto is the first major innovation in this space in over 20 years. First published in 1996, NTRU is based on math that makes it lightning fast and resistant to quantum computing attacks. It is an IEEE and X9 standard and offers encryption, decryption, and signing.

Security Innovation offers industry-standard encryption toolkits/libraries and crypto implementation services to organizations like Diebold, Texas Instruments, TomTom, the U.S. DOT, and WikID who want to roll out fast and secure data communications systems.

The NTRU algorithm is available under two licensing options, a free Open Source GNU GPL v2 license and a Commercial license. Free evaluations are available at our GitHub repository.

The open source licensing of the NTRU crypto system will make it even easier for wide-spread adoption of our X9.98 standard, allowing Financial Services companies to protect their important financial transactions.

- Cynthia Fuller, Executive Director, Accredited Standards Committee X9-Financial Industry Standards


Encryption Toolkits & Libraries

Our plug-and-play SSL libraries deliver high-strength, high-performance data encryption and are ideal for mobile and embedded software. We also offer software-based security libraries optimized for a variety of platforms:

Crypto Implementation

NTRU Cryptography is the smallest, fastest and strongest available.  It is well suited to all types of systems including full scale servers down to the smallest of embedded systems.  As well as being able to protect systems from today’s attacks, the NTRU algorithm is future-proof and will resist attacks by quantum computers when they come available.   NTRU should be implemented anywhere that requires public key encryption including SSL, TLS, IPSec and others.  NTRU is available under an open source license which means it can be quickly integrated with your own systems.  We realize that integration may be a complex and/or time prohibited activity.  Contact a sales representative atgetsecure@securityinnovation.com or call 978.694.1008 ext 1 for more information. More »

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** Based on standard, open-source, benchmarking tool SUPERCOP http://bench.cr.yp.to/supercop.html.