Ensure IT & Operations Teams
can Hold the Security Line

With security activities increasingly being pushed on to them, IT teams need a partner who can arm them with ongoing expertise and cutting-edge learning methods.
SecureOps combines on-demand courses with hands-on cyber ranges to build the skills needed to:

  • Maintain availability of services
  • Identify vulnerabilities and weak spots
  • Reduce attack vectors
  • Meet operational security policies

SecureOps panel

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Build Skills in a Familiar Environment

SecureOps features role-based learning paths tiered to the desired competency. Courses quickly scale knowledge and cloud-based cyber ranges provide an immersive way to uncover poorly implemented principles in real IT systems.

  • Tech
    Cloud, Mobile, Web, IoT, Blockchain, Embedded, Database, Linux/Unix, API
  • Topics
    • Identity & access management (IAM)
    • Incident response
    • Application and network scanning
    • Securing the COTS and OSS supply chain
    • Encrypting and securing data
    • Protecting microservices, containers, orchestration
    • Automating and securing DevOps
    • Security governance, controls, and policies
  • Environments
    Multi-tiered Web sites, systems, and cloud infrastructure
  • Focus
    Misconfiguration, insecure APIs, Web services, phishing, access control
  • Attacks
    Password cracking, data exposure, escalation of privilege, filter evasion, credential bypass
  • Gameplay
    Guided and free-form challenges. Proxies and other tools are useful, but not required

Traditional training is necessary but not sufficient to meet the demand of qualified workers.
A key tool for reducing the skills gap is the cyber range - NIST

3-Step Approach to Specialized Skills

Most organizations start with fundamentals courses, followed by hands-on cyber range exercises. Detailed reporting provides targeted training recommendations, which may be taking specialized courses, moving on to an advanced range, or building a new skill.

SecureOps 3-Steps

Learn Fundamentals (Courses)

First, master the building blocks of secure operations: application, IT, and data security principles.

Practice in Familiar Environment (Cyber Range)

See if teams can apply newly attained knowledge in our cyber ranges that span API heavy web sites, transactional systems and infrastructure.

Measure & Optimize

See if teams can apply newly attained knowledge in our cyber ranges that span API heavy web sites, transactional systems and infrastructure.

Cyber Range Reports

Get clarity on the next steps
Group reports measure staff risk over time. Individual reports isolate skill gaps and put learners on the fast track to success with specific course recommendations. Results are mapped to OWASP and the MITRE ATT&CK Framework so staff can see how hackers penetrate systems similar to theirs.

SecureOps Cyber Reports