Hackers use intelligent attacks and resolve to break into software applications - so do we!

Unlike vendors that rely on scanning for broad coverage, we focus on quality coverage by calibrating the breadth (automation) and depth (experts) of testing to software risk/complexity.

Find, Fix, and PREVENT Vulnerabilities

Powered by our Centers of Excellence, assessments range from a deep, manually intensive test to a more technology driven inspection with expert tool operation and vulnerability verification.

  • Find: Specialized utilities and attacks hunt down vulnerabilities that evade automation.
  • Rate: Vulnerability ratings are based on impact, mitigating controls and your taxonomy.
  • Fix: Platform/language specific remediation guidance ensures problems are fixed correctly.
  • Prevent: Portal provides access to our experts, courses, and Secure Coding Knowledgebase.

Software Security Penetration Testing

Leveraging our proprietary methodology honed for over a decade, our engineers carefully map out and execute test efforts based on identified threats and defined objectives. Organizations can make their source code available to maximize efficiency and accuracy.

Software Security Code Review

If conducted properly, a software security code review can identify more programming errors than nearly any other activity. Our experts use a combination of static analysis and manual techniques to uncover the highest number of flaws possible.