Software Security Penetration Testing

We Don't Just Break Applications — We Help Put Them Back Together

A software security penetration test helps you answer the simple question: "What could a hacker do to harm my application, or organization, out in the real world?" Our engineers leverage their software development backgrounds to view software applications through the eyes of both a developer and attacker to help you solve this question. This multi-lens approach helps identify systemic issues and provide the code-level remediation guidance developers need to fix problems correctly. Because it’s not feasible to get 100% test coverage, we take an objective-based approach that leverages specialized tools, proven methodologies and well-trained engineers to stack the deck in our favor. The result is accurate findings, zero false positives, and better visibility into vulnerabilities.

Our Software Penetration Testing Approach

We've refined our threat modeling and test execution methodologies for over a decade, ensuring that our efforts focus on high-risk areas and are conducted with efficiency and precision.  

  • Explore: Using the threat modeling techniques we co-created (STRIDE and DREAD,) our engineers identify high-risk risk areas and determine the impact should they be penetrated. The threat model drives a test plan that focuses on hot spot areas and our engineers carefully determine which tools are most appropriate for the engagement.
  • Exploit: We leverage automation for broad scale coverage and specialized tools for targeted testing. We’ll execute well-known attacks and proprietary ones designed to uncover elusive, compound, and business logic vulnerabilities.
  • Educate: After testing is complete, the lead engineer will deliver a final report, and optional live presentation, that includes:
    • The threat model
    • Summary of tests conducted
    • All vulnerabilities found with reproduction steps, organization-calibrated severity ratings, and detailed remediation recommendations for each area