Blockchain at Security Innovation

Blockchain at Security Innovation

While this sector inherits most threats and vulnerabilities of other software-based systems, blockchain technology also comes with a new security vector – cryptographically incentivized trust.

We stay on top of emerging blockchain technologies with cutting edge research in the areas of Smart Contracts, Decentralized Apps (DApps), Web3, Hardware Wallets, On-chain and Off-chain scaling solutions, consortium chains, and novel privacy techniques.

Technical Assessments

Smart Contract Audits & Blockchain Assessments

We can help you produce resilient blockchain solutions, whether you’re creating a DApp, a custom purpose blockchain, or are integrating your product or service with blockchain. Our proven expertise in web 2.0 security augments deep understanding of crypto-economic threats that enable you to protect your customers and assets.

Smart Contract Audits & Blockchain Assessments

For over 15 years, our teams have helped the world’s most recognizable brands secure the software that runs their enterprise. Combining proprietary security testing methodologies with blockchain expertise, we carefully map out and execute test efforts based on software- and blockchain-specific threats. Organizations can make their source code available to maximize efficiency and accuracy.

Download Blockchain data sheet.

Skills Development

Smart Contract Capture the Flag (CTF)

This free platform is a Decentralized App containing a series of vulnerable smart contracts with various business use cases, ranging from decentralized trust funds and open source lottery systems, to ICOs and automated royalty agreements.

Participants are challenged to exploit vulnerabilities commonly found in smart contracts to steal fake testnet ETH and earn points. Hints are available when creativity is exhausted.

“We are excited to combine our powerful Mythril Classic security analyzer with Security Innovation’s CTF platform to make smart contract vulnerability testing more impactful and educate the community on security best practices." Bernhard Mueller, Product Engineer @ConsenSys Diligence

Tech Exec Workshop

This 1⁄2-day session is aimed at executives who are considering blockchain for a specific business application. Our experience assessing blockchain implementations can help you design the right system and avoid common pitfalls. We can validate assumptions and make actionable recommendations to mitigate risk for the functionality you desire.

Technical Training

This two-day course examines methodologies used when developing smart contracts for blockchain enabled Decentralized Applications (DApps.) Focus is given to the Ethereum blockchain and the Solidity development language. Hands-on labs leverage a “capture the flag” platform for practical simulation and testing. After the course, your teams will be able to:

  • Understand the benefits and risks of blockchain
  • Use DApps built on Ethereum and Web3
  • Build and hack a Solidity smart contract

Blockchain Expertise

Our Blockchain Center of Excellence (CoE) is led by one of the industry’s foremost expert in blockchain. This CoE is responsible for several CVEs in the most common open-source infrastructural components of the Bitcoin mining network. The company has conducted penetration testing, code review, and a smart contract audits for, DigitalX, and others. Additionally, we have led Blockchain trainings and workshops at Appsec USA 2018, TruffleCon 2018, and OWASP Training Day 2018.

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