COD 383 - Protecting Java Backend Services (New)

Course Details

Course Number: COD 383

Course Duration: 30 minutes

Course CPE Credits: .6

Foreign Languages Available:

  • English

Course Overview

Backends are designed for applications that need faster performance, large amounts of addressable memory, and continuous or long-running background processes. The versatility of Java enables developers to design and deliver the right business solutions however their efficiency requires distinctive experiencer and great expertise.

This course aims to provide software developers and DevOps Engineers with the next level understanding of best practices for developing back end frameworks using Java while developing skills necessary to handle user input and build secure systems.

Topics Include:

  • The Function of OAuth2 and JWT
  • How to leverage the JAAS API
  • The advantages of the Spring Security framework
  • Validating Length Before Applying RegEx
  • Protecting  Sensitive Data in Transit Using TLS
  • How to identify and protect against SQLi, HQLi, XXE, CSRF, and RegEx DoS attacks
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