Software Security Training

To meet the demand for feature-rich solutions, tech stacks constantly evolve. To reduce the risk increased complexity brings, teams need to collectively get smarter, from coding to configuration.

We offer the industry’s largest security library for those who build, operate, and defend software. Our micro-learning approach makes it a cinch to build target skills with turn-key but customizable Learning Paths.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Comprehensive: covers all major roles, tech stacks, standards, vulnerabilities
  • Modular: short, topic-based modules keep learners focused
  • Engaging: diverse interactivity prevents boredom
  • Learning paths: blueprints for success that minimize off-the-bench time
  • Rich reporting: track program metrics and proficiency levels
  • Timely content: quarterly releases keeps teams ahead of the threatscape
  • Motivating: tiered achievement levels, certificates, and belt program

When used with our Cyber Range consumption skyrockets

Cyber Ranges

Breadth & Depth that Continues to Challenge

Software Security is no longer just about writing secure code.  Hackers tear apart bad design, deployment misconfigurations, and weak controls.

To reduce risk, all stakeholders need to make good decisions. Fast track your success with the industry’s most comprehensive and dynamic training program.

"Security Innovation has earned a reputation for being a trusted security advisor to their clients. This is keenly reflected in their training solutions, which help organizations build a culture of security."
Stan Black, former CSO of Citrix