CMD+CTRL AppSec Challenge

Get a headstart on the latest software security challenges

The CMD+CTRL AppSec Challenge prepares learners to identify and mitigate some of the largest (and unfortunately most common) threats to modern software development teams.

What you get

  • Instructor-led training
  • Online Training and Labs
  • Access to the Shred Skateboards Cyber Range
  • Report Card
  • 3 Credits toward Continuing Professional Education
  • A Downloadable Certificate of Completion
  • In-event LIVE support
    During Business hours only

Identify & mitigate top OWASP software security challenges – in just hours.

Convenient and Flexible Schedule for Busy Software Developers
For five whole days, you’ll get 24-hour access to our training platform, including online learning modules, Labs, and one of our popular CMD+CTRL Cyber Ranges.

Day 1 2-hour instructor-led kickoff for the CMD+CTRL Cyber Range
Day 2 Parameter Tampering & Identifying Broken Access Control Vulnerabilities
Day 3 Identifying Sensitive Data Exposure & Broken User Authentication Vulnerabilities
Day 4 Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) & SQL Injection
Day 5 Security Misconfiguration, Business Logic Flaw, and Components with Known Vulnerabilities

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A True AppSec Strategy

Your AppSec strategy requires nurture and vigilance – but it doesn’t have to be boring. CMD+CTRL training programs follow a simple, effective formula to bring your security skills to new heights – and to help your organization get on the path to a true AppSec strategy.


    Convenient, bite-sized training courses specifically designed to engage learners – and introduce them to new concepts.


    Learners transform new concepts into tangible skills through a combination of fun, interactive Learning & Skills Labs.


    The CMD+CTRL Cyber Ranges perfectly simulate real environments and challenge learners to put their new skills to the test – safely.

Principal Security Instructor Kevin Poniatowski

Meet Your Instructor

Kevin Poniatowski

Kevin has led hundreds of live learning and hacking sessions for many of the world’s most notable companies including HP, Microsoft, Accenture, and Qualcomm. He is also a developer by trade, security engineer by fate, and trainer at heart.

He is passionate about security and embraces novel, engaging training techniques like hands-on simulation to make security real but approachable. In his words:

Watching the cyber range demystify what participants thought to be hacker magic tricks never gets old!  While it isn’t designed to turn players into hackers, it gets them attack-focused. Many have that a-ha moment when they realize that their own projects might have the same types of vulnerabilities they just enjoyed finding in our cyber range.  This unique insight would have helped correct my own flawed assumptions much sooner

Fun Fact: Kevin is a stand-up comedian in his spare time.

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