Security Skills: Valuable data and insights

The immediate impact of most training efforts is seen at an individual level through increased knowledge, improved retention, and better day-to-day security practices. The shift of improvement from individual to organizational becomes possible as individual data points are gathered and presented in concise and powerful reporting.

Through a combination of automated reporting dashboards and dedicated Customer Success Managers (CSMs), CMD + CTRL Cyber Range provides a variety of critical reporting at both the individual and group level:

  • Total scores and score distribution
  • Dashboard for coaching & event customization
  • Vulnerabilities found by difficulty level and type
  • Hints used and missed challenges
  • Event summaries and recommendations
  • Performance mapping to specific training courses

CMD + CTRL cyber range reports provide valuable skill insights regardless of training and security maturity.

  • Improved Individual, Team and Organizational Insight

    Move beyond the typical “checkbox” mentality of training and explore the real-world capabilities of individuals, teams and entire organizations.

  • Mapping of Performance to Focused Training Plans

    Understanding performance is important, but improving performance by mapping current performance to future tailored training is critical and effective.

  • Identification of Talents

    Most teams have hidden talents just waiting to be found! Hands-on engagements help highlight those talents in ways that traditional methods don’t.

  • Early Indicators of Additional Training Requirements

    Not all team members are created equal and some may need a bit more training than others. The identification of these team members discretely and constructively allows for quicker focus on training and education.

  • Performance and Participation Baselines

    Successful long-term adoption starts with initial measurements. The CMD+CTRL team will help intelligently baseline your team’s participation, performance, and improvement.

  • Tracking of Improvement Over Time

    An improvement over time is the ultimate goal but must be measured to be successful

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