Multiple Environments & Modes

Poorly implemented security principles and vulnerabilities are prolific in all types of software applications and systems. Our cyber ranges vary in difficulty and provide a wide array of tech stacks representative of commonly deployed environments.

One Platform, Multiple Outcomes

For maximum results, CMD+CTRL is used as part of a broader training program to add fidelity to course-based learning, awareness events, and workforce planning.

You have everything you need to ensure all skill levels can play: labs, hints, cheat sheets, user guides, and more. Customers use CMD+CTRL as a practice range, to run competitive tournaments, and recruit new hires. A popular option is to have our experts run an event for you, which we can support on-site or remotely.

  • Compliment Course-Based Training

    Hands-on practice is the best way to build the “a-ha moments” needed to defend.   Similar to flight simulators for pilots, CMD+CTRL provides an authentic environment to hone skills before and after other training. For example:

    • Take courses prior to the Cyber Range to attain knowledge that can be put the test and converted to skill with hands-on practice. This also allows players to better compete and reach their potential
    • Use the Cyber Range to baseline team competency via real-time assessment capabilities. Detailed individual and group reports pinpoint skill gaps and map to specific courses
  • Individual and Team Competitions

    Scheduling time-boxed events is easy. This mode is great for encouraging live discussion, collaboration, and having fun.

    Run your own event or have our team run it for you. Fully supported and turn-key, events (on-site and remote) come complete with live support, break-out sessions, detailed reporting, and interaction with experts.

  • Skills Assessment

    Hiring unskilled staff costs a lot of time and money. With CMD+CTRL, you can measure cybersecurity competency, identify security champions, and keep off the bench time to a minimum.

    Assess contractors, prospective employees, and existing team in real-time with reporting that can be shared. This is the fastest and most accurate way to ensure talent meets your security bar.

See it in person
"What stands out about ShadowBank Cyber Range is its authenticity - it’s nearly a 100% real Web application which is rare. We chose it for our first training initiative to educate our team on security. "
- Cristian Pimentel, Principal Security Engineer, ResMed