Cyber Skills Competency Certification

SI-CSC: The Industry’s Top Certification for Secure Software Development

Enterprise-level employee software security certifications built with the organization in mind.

Boost Your Security Posture And Morale

Born from over 20 years of software security expertise, the Security Innovation Cyber Skills Competency (SI-CSC) Certification allows organizations to recognize and distinguish employees who demonstrate high-level software security competencies that are modern and relevant to today’s security-minded software creators.

Available exclusively to organizations already using the CMD+CTRL training platform.

SI-CSC Certification Benefits The Entire Organization

Motivate every role and skill level across the SDLC and gain the tools to measure skillsets, build stronger teams, and identify skill gaps.

Reduce Organizational Risk at Every Level

Reduce Organizational Risk at Every Level

SI-CSC works exclusively with the CMD+CTRL training program to reduce your overall organizational risk. Gain confidence that employees across the entire SDLC have the right knowledge and skills to deal with modern software security issues.

Verify Commitment & Advance Employee Careers

Verify Commitment & Advance Employee Careers

Certification gives those interested in advancing their careers a verifiable and measurable way to demonstrate commitment to their profession. Certificates can be added to employment records, shared online, and even framed.

Motivate Learners to Excel in CMD+CTRL Training

Motivate Learners to Excel in CMD+CTRL Training

Developed for organizations already using CMD+CTRL, learners are motivated to complete software security training to an excellent standard through the reward of official certification from a software security industry leader.

Certifications for Most Roles Across the SDLC

We believe that software security is the responsibility of the entire SDLC and doesn’t only reside with the Security team.

  • Secure Software Developer
  • Back-End Developer
  • Front-End Developer
  • Web Developer
  • Mobile Developer
  • Cloud Developer
  • Network Engineer
  • more coming soon!
"Security Innovation's training and certification program is phenomenal. The interactive learning experience was engaging, but most importantly, the program uses SI’s CMD+CTRL training range to reinforce theoretical knowledge with practical experience."
Aleise McGowan, SI-CSC Certificate Graduate
Discover how SI-CSC Certifications can enhance your team’s software security training, mitigating risks and investing in their skills.