Learning Paths

Learning Paths

Learning Paths: Mobile Developer

Your Journey To Security Guru Starts Here…

Learning Paths are pre-defined curricula designed to progress skill sets from one level to the next. They include a variety of security courses that will vary depending on whether you are seeking core, advanced or elite status.

With over 45 paths available, learning paths jump-start your training program and make it more manageable; however, they can be easily customized for unique roles.

Our Customer Success Team works directly with you to ensure courses meet your objectives for topical coverage, time commitment, and competency. Most importantly, it provides ongoing optimization for maximum skills development.

Learning paths offer a direct route there.

Capabilities & Advantages

  • Turn Key and Efficient

    Short, sequenced courses prevent learners from being overwhelmed and reduce content redundancy. With our microlearning approach, learners take only the content that is relevant to their role and nothing more.

  • Create Superstars

    Paths provide a direct and measurable way to achieve attainable goals. Teams can become experts in a variety of platforms and technologies and earn CPE credits along the way.

  • Demonstrate Mastery

    Learning paths integrate our CMD+CTRL Cyber Range, a collection of real but intentionally vulnerable applications. Users practice what they’ve learned to transform knowledge into skill.

A transformation after completing learning paths

  • Managers will understand secure development principles and the importance of designing software security applications
  • Architects will be able to conduct design reviews and choose secure architectural elements that set developers up for success
  • Developers will be able to code defensively to avoid vulnerabilities, conduct effective code reviews, and fix security defects faster
  • Testers will think like attackers and provide better feedback to developers
  • Business Analysts and Product/Program Managers will learn attacker techniques and how to define security requirements.