Software Security & Cyber Security Training

Secure your Software Ecosystem with CMD+CTRL

Facing hostile environments, teams need a training partner that arms them with ongoing expertise and cutting-edge methods. If previous security training resulted in yawns and widening skills gaps, your business has a problem.

Security Innovation is the only training provider to offer a blended approach for all software security stakeholders. CMD+CTRL combines computer based-training (CBT) with a hands-on cyber range to build skills that stick.

Training that works. Training that is measurable. Training teams want.

Training: Software Stakeholders

Software security stakeholders have exploded beyond the core developer

  • Roles are diverse as developers spin up servers and operators manage infrastructure with code
  • Gone are the days where the security team held all the knowledge and enacted all the security checks
  • Cross-functional training is no longer optional!

Reduce Software Risk from All Angles

Recognized 6x on the Gartner Magic Quadrant, CMD+CTRL addresses the risk of today’s software stacks – flawed design, defenseless code, expanded attack surface, and misconfigured deployments.

Features & Benefits:

  • Contextual – learning paths specific to job functions and technologies
  • Measurable – baseline against other roles/industries and track against KPIs
  • Turn-key – customer success drives rollout, reporting, and optimization
  • Effective – our methodologies change behavior and are backed by science
  • Streamlined  – select desired proficiency and get on the fast track


Ideal for those that BUILD, OPERATE,
and DEFEND software

Role-Based Training for Contextual Skills

CMD+CTRL addresses the unique threats and technologies of key software security stakeholders.
Take Courses prior to the cyber range to improve prowess.  Or use the cyber range to ID skill gaps and plug with specific courses.

icon: Secure Build

Build Security In

Hold the Front Line

Fortify the Castle

Primary Audience

  • Software/System Developers, Engineers, Architects
  • Scrummasters, PMs
  • Operations, IT, Network and Support Teams
  • Analysts, DevOps
  • InfoSec, Vulnerability Assessment, Pen Testing, and Red Teams
  • Security Champions on development and IT Teams


  • Secure requirements, architecture, design, coding, testing
  • All major languages & technologies
  • Data security, policies
  • System hardening
  • Access control
  • Penetration testing
  • Vulnerability scanning
  • Compliance, governance & frameworks

Cyber Range

  • Applications with code-and design level flaws
  • OWASP Top Ten, data protection, and security principles
  • Multi-tiered environments
    and systems
  • API security, cloud, infrastructure, service attacks, misconfiguration
  • Complex Web sites, systems, and platforms
  • Built-in defenses and
    advanced attacks

Track and Improve your Security Posture

Pick your goals, track progress, and measurably reduce staff risk. Yes – it’s that easy!

Cloud Security Configuration

Achieve 101% of industry baseline

Industry/Role Goal


Certify 10 security champions

Organizational Goal

Comparable skills across teams

Team Goal

Attain an elite score of 5k

Individual Goal

"Security Innovation has a reputation for being a trusted advisor to their clients. This is keenly reflected in their CMD+CTRL Training Platform, which helps organizations build a security mindset that is embraced by teams and measurable for the business "
Stan Black, CSO, Lattice Security

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