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Build Attack & Defend Skills that Stick

Courses + Cyber Range = Training that Sticks!

Facing increasingly hostile ecosystems, teams need a security training partner to provide ongoing expertise and cutting edge methods to arm them. If previous security training resulted in yawns or skills gaps not shrinking, your business has a problem.

We are the only training provider to offer beginner through elite courses and a hands-on cyber range to build any desired capability. When used together, teams think like attackers to defend like warriors.

Training that is fun. Training that builds attitude.  Training teams want.

We Can Relate. We Walk in your Shoes

We Can Relate. We Walk in your Shoes

  • + As a security assessment and SaaS provider, we confront threats every day.
  • + We understand the challenges of risk-based approaches to software security.
  • + We make this expertise available in our next generation training solutions.

Why Security Innovation?

Guided by our Customer Success program, Microsoft, HP, Discover, Staples, AlaskaAir, Target, and others maintain the skills they need to harden software from attack. You can too.

Learning paths are based on job function, skill level, tech stack, industry standards, vulnerability types, attack methods, and other classifications.  Ensuring only necessary training is taken minimizes off the bench time and maximizes the must-know.

To help teams protect against today’s threats, our content is updated on a quarterly basis.  We make our roadmap available to all customers and gather regular feedback to help drive future updates.

Cloud-based with nothing to install, maintain or configure, our solutions can be rolled out (and scaled) in minutes. Our modular approach allows you to add new users, expand content coverage, and engage in more advanced programs with ease.

50+ learning paths kickstart your program and provide a clear, progressive path to excellence. However, they are also flexible and can be tailored to the specific needs of your team, from novices to emerging experts.

It’s proven that training based on repetition and single methods yields low retention.  Even Gartner recommends a blended approach and states that by 2021, 22% of organizations will be using cyber ranges.

Our approach builds foundational knowledge, converts that knowledge to skill with hands-on doing, then commits skills to memory with reinforcement activities. Cutting-edge and diverse training media ensure all learners can relate: scenario-based CBT, hands-on Cyber Ranges, tabletop exercises, live instruction, learning labs, videos, and reinforcement assets.

Fortress Cybersecurity AwardThe company holds Gartner Magic Quadrant and Gartner Cool Vendor designations and has trained over 3 millions users on our platform. With deployments ranging from 10 to 100,000 users, we have lots of experience with companies of all sizes, tech stacks and maturity. Microsoft, HP and others have been clients for over a decade.

Our training solutions have won awards by Info Security, Cyber Security Excellence, BIG Innovation, and Fortress Cyber Security.

Standing up a security training programs isn’t for the faint of heart.  That is why we provide a Customer Success Program that shifts the burden of management from you and onto us. We aren’t successful unless you are.

A dedicated Customer Success Manager facilitates rollout, creates learning paths, develops metrics, manages communications, and provides ongoing optimization. This increases program stickiness and helps ensure goals are reached.

Does it work? Our 4.8 Gartner Peer Insight rating says yes!
Gartner Peer Insight

Leveraging a robust set of communication and reporting tools, Program Managers can tailor learning experiences that improve completion rates, increase voluntary learning, gather actionable feedback, recognize achievements and maximize ROI.

We can also work with you to implement motivational-based programs such as belt systems,  leaderboards, and achievement recognition.


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