CMD+CTRL Base Camp

Create safer software by Going Beyond the Code

CMD+CTRL training modernizes and up-skills the cybersecurity talent of your entire organization – not just those nearest to the code.

Why Train Beyond The Code?

Traditional secure coding training only covers a small fraction of activities and roles – leaving the majority of the SDLC at risk for attack. By securing people, you’ll upskill every role across the entire SDLC – not just those nearest to the code.

Shift Left… and Right

Base Camp Learning Journeys

The CMD+CTRL difference

  • CMD+CTRL training is customized to the individual – based on role, preferred technology, and experience level.
  • Combines varied learning experiences to increase engagement and ingrain new knowledge and behavior.
  • Training is structured around key enterprise/learner goals and objectives.
Every learning module in the CMD+CTRL Knowledge Library is included with Base Camp
Geared to all roles and skill levels across the SDLC
Reinforce training and provide practical, guided scenarios
Cyber Ranges
Ultrarealistic ranges designed to inspire and challenge your entire team

Get 5-day access to see how CMD+CTRL can help your organization while also building your own security skills

Complete Learning based on Role & Tech Stack

Secure code won’t fix design or deployment flaws.  Securing software requires building security in,  mitigating 3rd party risk, and protecting in play.

Every Type

Every Type

Cloud, Web, Mobile, IoT, Embedded, Blockchain

Every Phase

Every Phase

Requirements, Design, Code, Test, Deploy, Maintain, DevOps, Agile

Every Ingredient

Every Ingredient

Native code, API, Open-source, COTS, libraries, frameworks



Architects, Developers, Admins, Engineers, Analysts, Managers

The Best Weapon for Secure Software Development & Software Risk Management

Unrivaled Authenticity

Eliminate the sighs and “not for me’s.” High-fidelity environments build contextual skills and situational awareness – no need to pull teeth.

Beginner through Elite Programs

Learners get a progressive combination of concepts and hands-on doing that increases in difficulty as skills adapt. Start small or quickly scale to thousands.

Insight & support every step of the way

Your Customer Success Manager helps create goals, metrics, and individual-focused journeys. Reports baseline against similar roles and demonstrate progress.

Professionally Trained
Years of Expertise
Gartner MQ Designations

Building security proficiency within engineering and operations