Gamification vs. CMD+CTRL Simulator

Simulation training uses virtual environments to provide a realistic, life-like experience known as immersive learning. This is proven to be a reliable and successful method of training in thousands of industries worldwide.

The fidelity of CMD+CTRL takes simulation training to a whole new level and thrusts users into an attacker’s domain. Unlike other application security games that mimic how an application would respond and rely on pattern and specific syntax matching, CMD+CTRL replicates actual application behavior and relies on the skills and creativity of players to achieve objectives

CMD+CTRL has same type of infrastructure as enterprise software applications - real traffic, various user roles, clients communicating with actual servers and databases, all running in the cloud. CMD+CTRL actually processes every attack, generating real traffic that you can inspect and manipulate. Web logs can even be used as a follow-on activity to test the effectiveness of your Incident Response teams.

To make simulation training most effective, experts agree that it needs to have a competitive element that motivates and inspires. CMD+CTRL’s individual and group play mode, coupled with live scoring, creates friendly competition and enhanced knowledge retention. However, CMD+CTRL’s goal is not just entertainment or to ‘beat the game’ – it’s to educate in an exciting and memorable way that develops long-term skills that can be applied daily.