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Back-End Developer


The Back-end Developer learning path includes a variety of security courses that will vary depending on whether you are seeking core, advanced or elite paths. It is designed to provide a solid foundation of security features needed to write web services and API’s used by front-end and mobile application developers.

The Back-end Developer learning path presents secure coding best practices in all phases of the development life cycle across cutting-edge technologies like Node.js, Angular.js, and MySQL with special attention to managing the interchange of data between the server and users.


  • AWA 101 Fundamentals of Application Security
  • AWA 102 Secure Software Concepts
  • COD 102-108 Fundamentals of SDLC Security Series (7)
  • COD 153 Fundamentals of Secure AJAX Code


  • COD 241 Creating Secure Oracle Database Applications
  • COD 251 Creating Secure AJAX Code – ASP.NET Foundations
  • COD 252 Creating Secure AJAX Code – Java Foundations
  • COD 253 Creating Secure AWS Cloud Applications
  • COD 254 Creating Secure Azure Applications
  • COD 255 Creating Secure Code – Web API Foundations
  • DES 202-205 Fundamentals of Crypto Series (4)
  • DES 224 Applying OWASP 2017: Mitigating Sensitive Data Exposure
  • DES 227 Applying OWASP 2017: Mitigating Security Misconfiguration
  • TST 224 Testing for OWASP 2017: Sensitive Data Exposure
  • TST 227 Testing for OWASP 2017: Security Misconfiguration


  • DES 101 Fundamentals of Secure Architecture
  • DES 212 Architecture Risk Analysis and Remediation
  • ENG 211 How to Create Application Security Design Requirements
  • ENG 311 Attack Surface Analysis & Reduction
  • ENG 312 How to Perform a Security Code Review

Learning Path Details

Number of Courses: 33

Total Duration: 18 hours

Total CPE Credits: 21.5