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Holodeck is now available as open source!

Get it now: https://github.com/SecurityInnovation/Holodeck 

Comprehensive Simulation and Tuning for Fragility & Security Testing

Holodeck is a unique test tool that uses fault injection to simulate real-world application and system errors for Windows applications and services - allowing testers to work in a controlled, repeatable environment to analyze and debug error-handling code. Holodeck is the first commercial fault-simulation tool and was developed by leading researchers in the application quality field. It is used by organizations like Microsoft, Adobe, EMC and McAfee.

Unprecedented Control

Faulty error-handling code is a major contributor of reliability, security, and functional defects - and typically goes uncovered by conventional testing methods. Holodeck's point-and-click environment simulation provides powerful and comprehensive reliability and error handling testing without disrupting the rest of your system. Because you have complete control over all Windows, .Net, and API calls that your application makes, you can trick your application into thinking that it is out of memory, network bandwidth is maxed out, or that a registry file or key it needs is corrupt. Holodeck can be used as a stand-alone tool or in conjunction with automated test tools or IDE's such as VisualStudio.

Holodeck provides testers and developers with the following benefits:


Version: 2.8, released 04/04/08

Supported Platforms

Minimum Configuration

Holodeck is now available as open source!

Get it now: https://github.com/SecurityInnovation/Holodeck