Experience the CMD+CTRL Cyber Range

Get a glimpse into the CMD+CTRL Cyber Range to see how learners are immersed into the most authentic, realistic hands-on training platform available.

Ready for CMD+CTRL's power? Our clients were!

Use as a practice range, run a competitive or awareness event, or manage talent

  • Identify Rockstars. One client had someone from Finance join the security team after a competition.
  • Find talent in remote areas. Fortune 300 outdoor apparel retailer in Maine recruits local college students.
  • Improve collaboration. Blue-chip ISV runs monthly team events with a range specific to its cloud platform.
  • Meet the hiring bar. Pen Testing broker uses real-time assessment capabilities to hire qualified contractors.
  • Make training cool. The global brand ran 20+ tournaments worldwide after previous lackluster training.
    Each had a waiting list and it won a coveted internal security award.

"We began training with a single cyber range event. It generated so much excitement that teams immediately asked when we’re running the next one."
Joe Mineiri, CISO of Orvis