CMD+CTRL Security Bootcamp

LIVE + On-Demand = Powerful Skills

Get access to instructor-led training, on-demand courses, and live hacking in a single solution.

This 30-day, pre-defined training experience combines online training courses with an instructor-led hacking event. It is the most cost-effective way to close skill gaps within a month and test drive our enterprise solution.

Other benefits:

  • Hands-on – nothing gets more real than hacking a vulnerable e-commerce application
  • Relevant – learn Web application threats, attacks, vulnerabilities, and defensive measures
  • Convenient – cloud-based, 24/7 access with nothing to install or schedule. Just sign up and show up
  • Flexible – purchase individual “tickets” or user packs that can be used for any monthly Bootcamp

April: 4/29-5/30
May: 5/28-6/30
June: 6/24-7/30

Web Application Security Bootcamp at-a-Glance

Learners start with courses on the OWASP Top Ten threats and attacker techniques. Then they are thrust into a real-life experience and take on Shred Skateboards Cyber range with the aid of an expert instructor. Training wraps up with additional courses and individual cyber range play.

Players of all skill levels will walk away with enhanced AppSec skills and the reports to prove it.

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Meet Your Instructor

Kevin Poniatowski

Kevin has led hundreds of live learning and hacking sessions for many of the world’s most notable companies including HP, Microsoft, Accenture, and Qualcomm. He is also a developer by trade, security engineer by fate, and trainer at heart.

He is passionate about security and embraces novel, engaging training techniques like hands-on simulation to make security real but approachable. In his words:

Watching the cyber range demystify what participants thought to be hacker magic tricks never gets old!  While it isn’t designed to turn players into hackers, it gets them attack-focused. Many have that a-ha moment when they realize that their own projects might have the same types of vulnerabilities they just enjoyed finding in our cyber range.  This unique insight would have helped correct my own flawed assumptions much sooner

Fun Fact: Kevin is a stand-up comedian in his spare time.