Immersive Simulation Training

CMD+CTRL Hackathons are interactive learning events where development and IT teams come together to put their security skills to the test. They're often used in conjunction with other application security training programs to provide a safe sand box to practice skills. Players learn offensive and defensive tactics in real-world environment where they compete to find vulnerabilities in web applications and defend IT infrastructure. Where needed, teams are provided quick start guides to assist in their efforts.

Benefits include:

  • Cultivates teamwork and an appreciation for protecting the enterprise
  • Encourages participation and friendly competition via live scoreboard
  • Ensures learners of all skill level can participate via tip sheets and guides
  • Helps identify knowledge gaps

Web Application Security Hackathon

Our CMD+CTRL application security hackathon comprises four vulnerable websites incorporating functionality and vulnerabilities often found in commercial e-commerce, banking, and HR applications.

IT Infrastructure Hackathon

A dynamic and interactive event where players monitor and defend an information systems network of firewalls, servers, services and other against an advanced cyber adversary. Players practice situational awareness by performing packet and log analysis to detect attacks, followed by system hardening to thwart them.