"Leader" in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Security Awareness eLearning

Leveraging a combination of interactive training modules, reinforcement assets, and optional integrated phishing solution, our security awareness training program drives the behavioral change needed to protect sensitive data every day.  

Purpose-built Modules

These 10-minute courses include professional voice over, full start/stop functionality, final exams, and are available in several languages. They can be broken up by role, mixed-and-matched, and customized to include organization-specific information and branding. Topics include:

Dedicated Customer Success Team

Led by a Customer Care Manager, our Customer Success Team advises on change management and custom curricula, facilitates roll out, and provides ongoing assistance and optimization.

Grow Your Program with Security Awareness 365

Our general security awareness training program is built on the belief that consistent messaging reinforces lessons learned. Security Awareness 365 is a complete marketing and communications program your organization can deploy right out of the box. Customers are given all source files to customize as desired. Assets include:

Optional Integrated Anti-Phishing Solution

Phishing simulation integrated with just-in-time training turns an inappropriate behavior into an actionable learning experience. After a successful attack, you can choose to display a customized message that explains the dangers of phishing, run a 2-minute best practices video, or redirect to an online course. This harmless "hurt and rescue" exercise makes users think twice before acting improperly again. Learn more about how our phishing simulation can be integrated with your security awareness training or used as a stand alone service.

Complying with PCI and HIPAA Regulations

We offer three HIPAA modules to help train staff on HIPAA compliance behaviors. Each offers foundational HIPAA awareness content along with role specific content and knowledge checks for each:

  • HIPAA for Covered Entities - Those who electronically transmit health information and transactions
  • HIPAA for Business Associates - Those involved in the use or disclosure of protected health information
  • HIPAA for Hybrid Entities - Those that performs both covered and non-covered functions

View the datasheet to learn more about our HIPAA compliance program.

Additionally, our PCI Cardhold Data Security course teaches students to follow the PCI Security Standards. Our training program is designed to address all of the security awareness topics needed for compliance with the training requirements of PCI DSS.