Security Awareness 365 Program Assets

Turnkey Communication Program Designed to Increase Retention

Strengthen the efficiency of our Gartner recognized security awareness training program by augmenting it with over 100 training assets including:

  • Tip sheets – References for best practices
  • 2-minute videos – Refresher training
  • Posters/Infographics – On the job reminders
  • Games – Interactive learning
  • Articles – Ad-hoc enhancements
  • Seasonal Material - Tip sheets that reference holidays and current events

All customers are given source files to customize as desired.  View a sample of these training materials below and check out our security awareness course program modules.


Data Privacy 101 - Handling Sensitive Data

In addition to the training module, each security awareness course topic includes a variety of tip sheets for posting around the office and reminding employees to always keep information secure. This tip sheet from our Security Awareness 365 program talks about data privacy and handling sensitive information in the workplace.


Phishing Attacks: It Could Happen To You

Get the group together for a lunch and learn to play a fun and interactive game . With this game targeting phishing attacks, employees are encourage to go back to their desks, take a look at their emails, and make note of emails that could potentially be flagged as phishing threats.


Security Isn't Always a Day at the Beach

Infographics are a great way to help remind employees how serious they should be about security safety. This infographic on travel security safety calls out alarming statistics on travel security and how employees who often travel can learn to keep their mobile devices secured.


Halloween: Here Lies Your InfoSec Mistakes

Holiday collateral is a great way to reeinfoce security awareness all throughout the year. Our collection includes tip sheets for popular holidays and calendar days throughout the year including tax season, St. Patrick's Day, New Year's, and more. This Halloween security awareness tip sheet features 4 tips on common information security mistakes.


Learn Password Security in 2 Minutes

Our collection of short two minute security awareness videos include valuable informative re-einfocing lessons learned within the training courses. This video discusses password security.