Supporting the Security Ecosystem

Collective knowledge advances the security fight.

Security Innovation is proud to be an active partner in the security ecosystem, supporting organizations that are dedicated to advancing the state of cybersecurity, particularly for women and minorities.

" It was in a word AWESOME! We had 45+ women hacking away on Shadow Bank, one of Security Innovation's command and control cyber ranges. The team was fantastic partners "
Janet Levesque, former CISO RSA Security
CMD+CTRL Australia
CMD+CTRL Malaysia
CMD+CTRL WISP, San Francisco

We have conducted CMD+CTRL hacking events at industry conferences, educational institutions, and community events to inspire security-minded folks that range from middle school students to seasoned security engineers with 20+ years experience in the field.

  • Levi Strauss CyberSecurity Conference
  • Homeland Security Week Conference
  • FS-ISAC Annual Security Conference
  • International Consortium of Minority Cybersecurity Professionals (ICMCP) National Conference
  • Boston Cybersecurity Beanpot
  • Allstate Cybercon
  • Black Hat
  • INTERalliance
  • RSA Conference
Let's make application security approachable for everyone
Keio University, Japan
Levis, SanFrancisco
WISP DefCon Prep event, San Francisco
WISP 2018, San Francisco
Women learning hacking skills
"Playing CMD+CTRL at the WISP meet-up was a great opportunity to meet other women in our field and a lot of fun! We got to be creative, competitive, and a little evil. I learned a lot about web app hacking that will make me better at my job"
Marisa Fagan, Sr. Technical Program Manager