Secure Coding Knowledgebase

Have Confidence in your Developers - Finally

Our Secure Coding Knowledgebase, known as TEAM Mentor, is the industry's most comprehensive repository of secure coding and vulnerability remediation guidance. While scanning tools and other industry frameworks are widely adopted, they don't provide the language- and code-level guidance developers need, leaving them unequipped to fix security holes.

Features include:

  • Comprehensive: With 2,500+ checklists, code snippets, how-to's and other assets, our secure coding knowledgebase translates CWE, OWASP, PCI and other popular "standards" into actionable steps for developers.
  • Current: Our Centers of Excellence produce cutting-edge attack and defense techniques that are channeled into our knowledgebase.
  • Contextual: Guidance shows developers "how to" with detailed examples specific to popular languages (.NET, Java, C/C++, PHP, Scala, HTML5) and platforms (Mobile, Web, DB, Windows, Embedded).
  • Customizable: Stores and cross-references your security policies and internally approved libraries. Easily create/edit articles, views, and folders.

Integrates with Checkmarx and Fortify 

secure coding knowledgebase screenshot

Our secure coding knowledgebase integrates with popular SAST tools via a plugin that works right within each product's user interface (UI). When a vulnerability is found during a scan, detailed vulnerability descriptions, remediation checklists, and code samples are shown in the relevant programming language. Integrating security scanning and guidance provides just-in-time and ongoing training to ensure vulnerabilities are fixed correctly and the same problems don't recur scan after scan.

Incorporate our eLearning Courses

secure code elearning portalWhen used in conjunction with our computer based application security course platform, users can click on highlighted topics to explore code and vulnerability specific examples further in the knowledgebase.