Security Training: Blended Learning

Blended learning turns application security knowledge into a habit.

Solve security issues through a unique two-prong training approach:  ‘Attack’ and ‘Defend’.

Blended learning “mixes” a variety of security training approaches to increase retention and engagement, and reinforce learned concepts.

When Security Innovation’s blended learning solution is systematically deployed to development, security,  IT and DevOps teams, the outcomes are measurable and unrivaled.  We teach teams how to think like an attacker with cyber range training and learn defensive techniques to prevent vulnerabilities via online learning coursework.

"Core skills can be attained but are soon forgotten if not exercised. Cyber ranges are the perfect complement to traditional training because it immerses the learner in a realistic environment, preparing them for the cybersecurity battle they will face."
Dr. Larry Ponemon, Founder The Ponemon Institute