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ENG 105

How to Integrate the Microsoft MS SDL into your SDLC

This course introduces the fundamentals of the Microsoft Security Development Lifecycle (SDL) process. It covers the security requirements for each phase your SDLC, including: Requirements, Design, Implementation, Verification, and Release. It also includes coverage of the Agile SDL variation, the Security Development Lifecycle for Line-of-Business Applications (SDL-LOB), and the Microsoft SDL Threat Modeling tool.

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ENG 211

How to Create Application Security Design Requirements

This course examines how to apply the application security maturity model to the development process.

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ENG 311

Attack Surface Analysis and Reduction

Learn about attack surface analysis and reduction as an exercise in risk reduction.

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ENG 312

How to Perform a Security Code Review

Application developers may use a variety of tools to identify flaws in their software. Many of these tools, however, cannot be deployed until late in the development lifecycle; dynamic analysis tools require a staging site and sample data, and some static analysis tools require a compiled build. Manual code reviews, in contrast, can begin at any time and require no specialized tools - only secure coding knowledge. Manual code reviews can also be laborious if every line of source code is reviewed. This course provides students with guidance on how to best organize code reviews, prioritize those code segments that will be reviewed, best practices for reviewing source code and maximize security resources.

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ENG 392

Attack Surface Analysis and Reduction for IoT Embedded Systems

Learn about attack surface analysis and reduction for IoT embedded systems.

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ENG 801

Effective Threat Modeling

This Instructor-Led course introduces the technique of threat modeling, its primary goals, and its role within software development.

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