Purpose-Built to Change Behavior

Based on proven methodologies, our interactive elements are designed to allow learners to:

  • Experience the results and consequences of their choices in a safe environment
  • Solidify contextual relationships by being shown (not told) what to do
  • Feel like they are in control of the learning experience

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Code Commit

Find the Fix

Drag and Drop

Spot the Defect

Branched Learning

Best Practice Mastery

Timeline/ Maze

Hot Spots/Puzzles

Flash Cards



Obtaining essential information to perform a job function is important, but it doesn’t have to be boring! We use humor and real-world scenarios to keep content engaging and relatable



Transform knowledge into skills via hands-on exercises: drag-and-drop, code commit, puzzles, spot the offending code, and find-the-fix. Coupled with our cyber range, the power is unrivaled.



Linking skills to the work environment drive behavior change and attitude. Branched learning and multiple response pathways force learners to reflect and provide feedback at key decision points.